Generative Conversations



We create Generative Conversational Spaces for your organisation to have transformational and co-creative conversations. 

There are times when we need more than a simple transactional style conversation to get things done. 

Sometimes, and especially in today’s climate of unpredictable change, we need to go beyond just getting things done. We need to access a bigger, wider field, open to us always, in order to find new ways through, to build and deepen connections in our existing organisational relationships, and to access a much more creative, dynamic field. 

Generative Conversational Spaces do just that and often way more. They are like a transformative agent, often invisible but having a very powerful effect on the human fabric of any organisation. 




Getting to the next level of greatness depends on the quality of your culture which depends on the quality of your relationships which depends on the quality of your conversations. Everything happens through conversation. 


Judith Glasser

Conversational Intelligence

Collective Creativity
generative conversations

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