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Visual Facilitation


   Inviting, daring & inspiring individuals and organisations to think differently & create anew    
Visual Facilitation


I am here to support the emergence of creative and adaptive  ways of working and leading and to build a foundation of trust to act from our creative core. All my work whether individually or in groups cuts to the essence and revitalises.  

My visual working approach boosts and anchors the coaching or facilitation process. It brings you into yourself as a creative space and the resonance amplifies. It’s colourful, playful and profound.

I’m Vanessa Jane Smith, from New Zealand with a background in communications, organisational development, training, and coaching. I’ve lived and worked in Mexico, Spain and the Netherlands over the last 25 years. I focus my attentions on bringing a new way of communicating into the personal field in my creative leadership approach as well as into the organisational field of culture development. I have developed a collection of creative tools to support that development with groups and individuals.

But here’s the point of it all.

The change can only start, continue and end with us, with the creative human being at the heart of any organisation or entity.

This change is powerfully harnessed when we really utilise our uniquely human creative capacities to open up and to listen deeper and wider, to courageously step outside of our comfort zones and allow ourselves to break our own rules and play and be curious and doubt and not know always about outcomes. This is where true innovation begins.

And this is happening! I’m working globally with individuals and  organisations who are now opening up and bravely recognising and working with the much greater potential of their deeply human vulnerabilities and sensing capacities.

Visual Facilitation

“Vanessa has this unique ability to grasp and extract the core concept-idea from a presentation or a discussion then the incredible talent to translate it into images.

This is such a powerful process that allows the participants to “see” what they have “heard” and thus not only adds another dimension for the comprehension of what has been shared but also deepens the exploration for creative change”

Nathalie Bayol

Paris, France

“Vanessa’s work was gorgeous, informative and inspiring. The dynamic of a group changes when there is an artist working in the room. When a group’s words and thoughts serve as the source of a communal image, something shifts. A loop forms: people visit the image during breaks. They take ownership of what emerges. The images inspire conversations and the conversations show up as images. The resonance amplifies the possibilities.  …The four walls of the conference centre were changed by Vanessa’s work; we no longer sat in a generic space but occupied a room specific to us, designed for and by us, a chronicle of our unique wisdom. The art transformed us. We were 35 people from 11 countries made one through our intention and the circle that the art invoked.”
David Robinson

United States, Center for Transformational Presence and Truly Powerful People

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