I have had so many incredible conversations with people over the past few weeks that I am starting to realise that there is this big visual story file building and building. It’s a new story obviously. It contains so much inherent wisdom, so many answers for the way forward now, that I feel an urge to share and keep sharing and pouring it forward. So I will.

Let’s all keep watering and cultivating this new conversation so it takes root and grows.

…Each day a new nugget, a new awareness comes from someone in my network and I just keep drawing and drawing.

With this amount of wisdom we are well on our way to bringing something new to earth, something that also requires a solid commitment and a permanent new practice of it.

I too am needing to put all these learnings into place. It all starts here, now, today, and then again tomorrow and the next day. Simple things like pausing and listening in a little more, like creating a new domestic rhythm and container and sticking to it (mostly). Like dedicating some time to a daily self care practice away from the computer. Like resourcefully finding other ways of connecting to myself and the world around me. And then things like focussing on what IS working rather than what ISN’T, and working out what habits I could really benefit from letting go of (even if I like them) and pulling into focus what it is that really really matters and starting to realign my life in that direction.

The way I see it, this is a time to awaken the aliveness of what is on the inside and allow it a window of opportunity to really stretch its wings; to dream and take those dreams seriously; to be fascinated with not knowing and holding the fear when it comes up instead of letting it overwhelm me; to make a conscious small step today in the right direct rather than no step at all.

All this great INVISIBLE is emerging from below, wanting to be seen and heard and Re-Sourced.

Think of all the “RE’s” in our vocabularies –






and BE REsourceful

A friend just said, it’s much more inspiring to be in the unknown than to just listen to more and more information because this way we give space for the new ideas, thoughts, creativity, and wisdom to come through without being so quick to judge or blame.

The truth really is that we are all free to become if we ALLOW that being to come through. I can only write this to you now because I gave myself the permission to write it at the risk of …. well…. the unknown!

But I want to keep learning and keep growing and this “now” feels like a space for some of this to be cultivated and take root. Now in this TINY yet MIGHTY window of opportunity things can grow and grow beautiful.

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